The Importance of Connecting

October 16, 2019

At the end of September, Practice Better sponsored and attended Yuri Elkaim’s Healthpreneur Live event in Scottsdale, Arizona. Shelley Myers, our Business Success Coach and our Co-Founder Nathalie Garcia came back absolutely buzzing. We asked them to share with us some of their biggest takeaways and this is what they had to say:

What was your biggest take away from the trip overall?

Nathalie: “Connection. The whole weekend was, for us, about connection. Shelley and I went into this trip excited to connect with some amazing health and wellness professionals but we soon realized we were connecting with more than the attendees. The event was such a great experience through and through and it left us connecting on multiple fronts–for a common goal, with our community, with nature, with ourselves.“ 

That’s great! We’d love to hear a bit more about what you mean by each!

Connecting For A Common Goal

Shelley: We love helping our users have the tools to scale their businesses and reach and help more clients. At the event, the attendees were so motivated to find a way to help as many clients as possible to get their expertise out there to help improve health and lives.  If you are an expert in what you’re teaching or coaching and are seeing positive outcomes and benefits in your clients, why not get out there and share that with as many people as possible? So, Nathalie and I felt that in common with the attendees and were so excited to be able to provide a platform to make that happen.

Nathalie: I love any opportunity to connect with others really looking to make their mark on the world and help as many people as possible. Now that I no longer work with clients directly, my motivation for what I do is still to make health and wellness accessible to everyone. Now, I get to support the coaches and practitioners working directly with clients so that they can build a sustainable business and reach more people. It’s a pretty amazing journey that we get to be a part of. 🙂

In addition to connecting with amazing health and wellness professionals, I was very fortunate to also be able to connect with Shelley (more on that later) and Yuri’s team who all work incredibly hard to support practitioners and coaches.” 

Takeaway: Connect with people who are motivated by the same things. These people can be a great source of support and inspiration while on your journey.

Connecting With Your Community

Shelley: Although online groups (FB, etc..) are amazing to share ideas, best practices, feel supported, etc…the energy is very different when you’re with your “tribe” in person and feel the excitement, the passion, the creativity, and the anxiety or hesitation to start something new and different. Just being around your community of people in person, you can observe body language, see the smiles, watch one another absorbing new information and ideas and having their “ah ha!” moments. The energy and body language that you don’t see virtually just adds another amazing dimension to that feeling of community. It can really help to inspire and motivate you above and beyond what you get in a virtual group and you can better relate to all the feelings (good and bad) you’re dealing with when launching or growing a business.

Nathalie: Connecting with our Practice Better community was the icing on the cake! I feel like I know so many of you and am fully invested in your success. Because most of our communication has been via email, Zoom calls or webinars, I don’t always have a face to put to the name. Getting to finally be able to put a face to the name, connect outside of Practice Better and just have meals and conversations together was incredibly special.  

Another level of connecting with my community was getting to connect with Shelley. Shelley and I typically collaborate virtually with me being in Canada and her being in the US. And although that works really well for us thanks to Zoom, email, and Slack, connecting in person was one of my biggest highlights of the trip. 

Takeaway: There’s no question that building a virtual health and wellness business has a long list of benefits, but one big downside can be the feeling of isolation and not being understood by those around you. Find a community to keep you motivated, supported and sane! 

Connecting With Nature

Shelley:  Growing up, I was always outside. A bit of a tom-boy, I was always out playing sports, riding my bike, roller skating (or blading) playing with friends, having picnics. Much of that time was spent barefoot feeling connected to the earth and more grounded.  Now, I hardly seem to get outside except for a quick run here and there or taking my dogs for a walk. Often I’m listening to a podcast or the news and not as tuned in to the calming sounds of nature. Just having that time in Arizona to take more leisurely walks (walks & talks!) with Nathalie and sit barefoot in the grass enjoying lunch was just amazing. It really helped to ground me and I realized how much appreciation I have for nature and how calming and healing it is spiritually.  My root chakra was happy and appreciative!

Nathalie: I hate to admit it, but I definitely don’t get out in nature as frequently as I used to. I grew up in rural Maine and have always preferred to be outside. Over the last year or so, I stopped making time to get outside the way I always had and Arizona really helped me to remember the benefits of slowing down and reconnecting with Mother Nature. It may sound like such a simple thing but sitting down on the grass to have a lunchtime picnic or sitting under the sun and simply slowing down to be present in our beautiful surroundings was something I was very thankful to have and share. 

Takeaway: Make some time to spend some time outside, especially when you feel like you don’t have the time. When life and work are hectic sometimes simply reconnecting with nature can help slow things down and make you feel calmer. 

Connecting With Yourself

Shelley:  The time away from familiar surroundings and the hustle and bustle of everyday life really allowed me to better connect with myself and to realize the importance of getting away to new places and meeting new people.  I think we can all get too comfortable in our day-to-day lives and routines and it can take new places, new people, and new experiences to help you to think of new ideas, new ways to live, and be inspired by amazing people around you. I left feeling renewed and energized and more creative than I’ve felt in quite a while. I came back feeling more grateful for the incredible opportunities that I have, for the loving and supportive people in my life, and for the experience that I had at the event.

Nathalie: Since becoming a mom, it had been 3 years since I was away by myself and this trip was much needed, to say the least! Having some time to myself to leisurely walk around an airport, play board games and enjoy conversations with new people had me feeling incredibly inspired. I found myself waking up early to work because the ideas were endless, meditating because I had a few quiet moments, and feeling like the independent person and traveler I was in my past life. More than relaxing, taking some time away from the responsibilities of motherhood left me feeling invigorated and incredibly thankful for every blessing in my life and excited about what’s to come! 

Takeaway: Taking time to connect with yourself is a great way to take stock of everything you’ve done, everything you’ve learned and help you be a more authentic you for those around you. 

In a technological world where we seem to be connected at all times, sometimes the best connection still comes from unplugging every now and again. What are your favorite ways to connect and when is most impactful?

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