Evergreen Programs To Streamline Your Coaching

August 30, 2022

Post Updated [August 30, 2022]

Solo practitioner? Evergreen programs are the perfect solution to help you share your knowledge and expertise with clients in an efficient and comprehensive way—so you can spend more time focusing on growing your business. Unlike traditional fixed-date programs, an evergreen program has a flexible start date, which enables modules to unlock based on your clients’ individual enrollment dates. With Practice Better’s Evergreen Programs, you can clear some work off your plate as you’ll be able to schedule and automate your content delivery (such as text, videos, images, and audio files). While evergreen programs can be a fantastic way to reach a larger audience, they can also streamline your coaching process for your one-on-one clients, as well as for your group sessions.

How Will Evergreen Programs Benefit You and Your Clients?

If you find yourself constantly sharing the same information with client after client or you want to easily share important information with all of your existing clients, consider developing an Evergreen Program. Creating a complementary resource that supports the work you do with your 1:1 sessions in a hands-off way, it can be the practice game-changer you’re looking for.

An Evergreen program gives you the ability to house all of the educational resources you typically share with clients in an organized and streamlined fashion. You likely have common topics that you cover with all clients that are the foundation of the other work you do together, like the importance of drinking water, or the impact sleep has on your health. Why repeat the same thing over and over with each client, when you can consolidate this important information in one easy place and automate it all?

The Benefits of Automating Your Content

Automating this piece of your practice can save you time, leaving you more energy to spend making your 1:1 sessions more productive and meaningful. Your clients’ experience will also be improved with the streamlined process of sharing resources, because they always know where to find the information provided in each module, and can come back to it any time.

When building your Evergreen program, you can also automate your module release dates based on your client’s enrollment date. Once registered, the entire program delivery is taken care of. You can structure the pace of your content delivery to support the typical appointment frequency you recommend to your clients.

Creative Ways to Use Evergreen Programs 

Resource Library
Using the Evergreen program as a resource library can keep things organized on both your end and the client’s end. Are you a dietitian? You’ll likely want to share your favorite recipes. Are you a yoga instructor? Perhaps there’s a meditation library you’d like to provide to your clients. You can also use the modules to house individual pieces of content, like a recipe, or create categories of recipes, such as autoimmune-friendly or low-carb.

Nurturing Leads
You can use an email-only Evergreen Program to deliver a lead magnet and send an automated sequence of emails, helping you nurture your leads right from the platform itself. Giving out freebies? Clients can sign up for them at any point and receive the content in real-time versus having it start and end on a specific calendar date. Check out this hack video on how to use an email-only program in Practice Better to deliver a lead magnet (or freebie) followed by an automated sequence of follow-up emails.

Client Onboarding Program
Set the tone for your client relationship moving forward. You can use Evergreen Programs to automatically send your new clients onboarding emails welcoming them aboard and sending out regular emails with helpful resources to keep them engaged.

Meal Prep Membership
Sending recipes and prep tips on a regular basis can also help if you have a subscription service (plus it’s a great way to earn passive income). With the Evergreen Program, you can set it up so clients get charged a membership fee while you provide them with constant healthy content.

Lab Instructions
If you’ve ever ordered labs for a client, you know that the instructions can be confusing for clients. To prevent this potential mix-up, create an Evergreen Program for lab packages that includes various instructional modules for each lab. You’ll have the ability to include links for clients to order lab kits, complete lab requisitions, get samples, mail back the samples, making the whole process go more smoothly.

Watch our Deep Dive Webinar where Shelley and Brittany of Practice Better chat all about Practice Better’s Evergreen Programs. 

Earning Passive Income With Evergreen Programs

Passive income is an additional revenue stream that doesn’t require your constant attention or effort. Once you invest the initial work, you don’t have much else to do but watch the revenue roll in with minimal effort. Want to read up on some great passive income ideas? Check out our super helpful blog.

An example from Practice Better’s software demonstrating how to schedule your module availability based on a client’s enrollment date.

If you haven’t worked with Practice Better programs before, it’s important to note that you will be able to share your resources with clients in multiple ways. You can customize your program by adding recorded lessons, videos, written material, attachments such as educational handouts, worksheets, and images to support clients to the fullest.

Helpful Tools to Keep Your Clients Accountable During Programs

In addition to automating the education on commonly tackled topics, you can further support clients by including tasks that are related to each module as well as set reminders and due dates to keep clients accountable. To keep track of your client’s progress, consider leveraging link forms to your module by creating a check-in progress form that your client will be asked to complete along with the other module tasks. All this information will be accessible to your clients from their Client Portal and they will be able to continue to reference your resources at any time. The ease of the process may be just the nudge they need to join the party. Monitoring progress is also really important to help you gain insights into what’s working and what’s not so you can adjust your programs accordingly.

Looking to add content to your modules? Learn more here!

Evergreen programs give you the ability to streamline repetitive aspects of your practice resulting in a better, higher-level client experience.

There is huge value to be had when you have all of your educational resources and content ready to go to keep your clients engaged in the coaching process. There is no more back and forth sharing information and no more wondering on both the practitioner and client-side where to find key resources. It’s all organized in one place and is automatically delivered to your client in a customized cadence that fits your workflow.

At the end of the day, there are massive benefits to enrolling your services into an Evergreen program. Not only will you be able to offer more value to more clients, you’ll be able to earn extra money from it too. Plus, it never hurts to streamline your processes to make way for more business.

For a complete guide on how to elevate your practice using programs and courses, check out our deep dive video to learn how to set things up, keep clients engaged and collect that coveted feedback.

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