How Nutrition Software Can Grow Your Business

September 15, 2023

Your job would be a lot simpler if helping clients achieve their health and wellness goals only required a single intervention. (But, let’s face it, working this way wouldn’t be nearly as rewarding!) In practice, helping each client experience optimal wellness often requires multiple interventions. Targeting diet and nutrition is an intervention used by practitioners across disciplines.

If you’ve ever made meal plans from scratch, you’ll know how quickly it can drain your productivity and energy. Nutrition software like That Clean Life can be a big help. It’s a proven time-saving tool when it comes to expertly guiding each client to make the best choices in the kitchen. With the right features built into your nutrition software, it can also help you add an alternative profit-boosting stream to your business.

This article will help you understand the various ways nutrition software impacts you and your clients, and outlines what to expect when integrating it into your practice.

Clients crave explicit guidance

Imagine you’re treating a client who is interested in supporting their liver health. Their path to wellness could include abstaining from alcohol, incorporating supplements – like milk thistle, turmeric, and dandelion root – and eating a diet that includes low glycemic, anti-inflammatory foods while limiting sugar, fat, and salt.

Simply advising this client to eat low glycemic, anti-inflammatory foods won’t necessarily make it happen. That’s because keeping nutrition guidance at a high level puts the onus on your client to research low-glycemic foods and figure out how to work them into meals.

Motivation can be a slippery slope when you’re asking clients to make significant changes to long-standing dietary practices. Resisting the pull of old habits and consistently making better choices requires willpower and consistency. That’s where nutrition software can be your new best friend.

Boost client results with customized meal plans

The right nutrition software makes sharing recipes and incorporating the right foods easy. It can seriously speed up the process by using automation to create evidence-based meal plans – an activity that’s proven to drive positive outcomes. In fact, research found that individuals who plan their meals are “more likely to have a better dietary quality, including a higher adherence with nutritional guidelines, as well as an increased food variety.”

Planning and preparing ahead makes it easier for clients to stick to new eating habits. Customizing a meal plan to each client’s unique goals, restrictions, and preferences will greatly increase compliance and ultimate success with your programs. Using nutrition analysis software also lets you easily see the nutritional composition of the recipes you’re recommending and even gives you the flexibility to search recipes based on micronutrients and macronutrients, like magnesium, zinc, and fiber.

Renal diet meal plan in That Clean Life nutrition software
An example of a renal diet meal plan in That Clean Life

Flexible nutritional analysis software should also give you a choice between automatically including nutrition details with every recipe or leaving them out for clients who might find the information triggering.

How nutrition software helps you work smarter

Building a customized meal plan for a client traditionally takes a lot of time. You need to sit with the individual, actively listen to their needs, likes, and dislikes, and then draw on your expertise to build a plan that is both personalized and evidence-based.

With the right nutrition software, you can significantly streamline meal planning workflows and save hours typically spent sifting through your archives, scouring the Internet, and performing a detailed nutrition analysis. Here are some nutrition software features that will help you promote client wellness while protecting your time.

Use built-in templates to get plans to clients in minutes

Nutrition software that includes editable templates help you jump-start meal planning. For example, if you’re working with a client who needs to change their diet to address gallbladder issues, having a template pre-populated with tested recipes that prioritize lean protein, fiber, and other essential nutrients can save you hours of time.

Get real-time nutrition data to build the best plan

The meal plans and recipes your nutrition software automatically generates should be accompanied by accurate nutrition data pulled from a credible source, such as the USDA database.

Automation is awesome, but it doesn’t completely replace your expert touch. Your nutrition coaching software should offer filters so you can search for recipes with specific amounts of micro/macronutrients. It should also be easy to swap out recipes if one isn’t the right fit and to modify the nutrition profile on the fly by editing recipes.

Nutrition software That Clean Life's recipe gallery
That Clean Life’s recipe gallery

Share on your terms

Your nutrition analysis software should also let you share meal plans, collections, and recipes with clients in various ways. For example, an auto-generated .pdf that also includes your branding might be best for clients who prefer a recipe-book-style approach. Ideally, you can also upload these .pdfs to your client’s file or your session notes.

Blended blueberry basked oats recipe on That Clean Life software.
That Clean Life‘s recipes feature enticing photography to motivate clients to cook delicious meals

A client who is more hands-on or who has strong food likes and dislikes may appreciate the ability to edit the meal plans you send them and swap out recipes. Nutrition coaching software like That Clean Life lets you share a link to your online meal plan and can provide this level of customization.

Track goals and stay in touch

Any meal plan’s success is ultimately determined in your client’s kitchen. Nutrition coaching software that has a built-in chat gives clients a way to reach out to you with questions and concerns without infiltrating your personal text messages or clogging up your email.

Practice Better's chat feature
Practice Better has HIPAA-compliant chat

You can also use built-in food journal functionality to help clients accurately report what they ate by recording it when it happens. Reviewing journal entries frequently and sending encouraging notes can help keep clients accountable. You can also see where they might be going off track and send notes to quickly course-correct.

Food journal feature in Practice Better
Practice Better’s food journal feature

The best nutrition software for coaches

Nutrition software isn’t just for dietitians. Many health and wellness coaches who provide nutrition guidance to clients have training and certification in fitness, psychology, and even counseling. For example, personal trainers, mindfulness coaches, and holistic health coaches are all likely to view nutrition as a fundamental driver of overall well-being.

When selecting nutrition software for coaches, many features outlined earlier in the article remain relevant. This includes templates for creating personalized meal plans and the flexibility to manage client profiles, track progress, set goals, and communicate with clients through a centralized platform.

Benefits of integrating nutrition software into your practice

The right nutrition software holds great potential to help you scale smarter and impact more clients. Here are some ideas to get your wheels turning.

Building an additional income stream

You can lean on nutrition software to help expand your offerings and productize your knowledge.

  • Take your nutrition advice from high-level (e.g., incorporate more leafy greens) to specific (e.g., here’s a full week of meals that feature leafy greens at breakfast, lunch, and dinner) to delight clients and help them stay on track with their goals.
  • Host educational cooking classes or build self-directed online courses focusing on specific nutrition-related topics. For example, a fitness pro could build a course around supporting athletic performance through nutrition and include meal plans featuring high-calorie, high-protein meals to promote health, longevity, and recovery. This practitioner could leverage templates built into the nutrition software to quickly create sample meal plans with enticing visuals.
  • Package up your expertise and use templates to build and sell ready-to-go meal plans that generate passive income while you focus on other priorities.

Streamlining practice management

The right nutrition software can help you grow your practice while also managing time-stealing repetitive tasks. Built-in features make providing the best care possible easier while maintaining healthy boundaries and avoiding burnout.

The right nutrition software can help you grow your practice while also managing time-stealing repetitive tasks. Built-in features make it easier for you to provide the best care possible while maintaining healthy boundaries and avoiding burnout. It’s worth assessing how many individual software licenses you could stop paying for if you had the following features all bundled into one platform:    

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Billing, invoicing, payments, and receipts
  • Client engagement and messaging tools
  • Document sharing
  • Journaling and progress tracking
  • Building protocols
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Online program and course management

Delivering a right-size-fits-one experience

One size does not fit all regarding your clients’ nutrition needs. The best nutrition analysis software for dietitians will give shortcuts to analyze nutrients and build meal plans without starting from scratch every time. It should also be flexible enough to allow for infinite customizations – because no two clients are exactly alike.

Save time and expand your practice with nutrition software

Providing practical, actionable guidance on nutrition planning and healthy eating often plays a crucial role in helping clients achieve their wellness goals. But asking clients to navigate conflicting nutritional information and build their own meal plans can quickly extinguish the burning desire for change that led them to seek your help in the first place.

You don’t have to spend endless hours manually analyzing nutrients and creating meal plans that clients will love (and follow). Investing in nutrition software can help you bring your expert guidance to life clearly and promptly. A solution offering robust practice management capabilities takes it to the next level.

The recent partnership between Practice Better and That Clean Life fills this gap. We’re excited to partner with all types of wellness pros to seamlessly integrate nutrition planning and healthy eating into all their client care plans!

Practice Better is the complete practice management platform for nutritionists, dietitians, and wellness professionals. Streamline your practice and begin your 14-day free trial today.

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