Online Course Templates: The Health Professional’s Key to Passive Income

May 23, 2024

With their flexibility and accessibility, online wellness courses and programs are popular among wellness practitioners because they work. But then comes the task of packaging your clinical wisdom into course content and entering it into course software. 

The good news is that if you want to create a course, you don’t have to start from scratch. You can use an online course template, tweaking or editing it as much as you need to suit your goals and style. Then, launch it to the world and watch your practice grow. 

Read on to learn more about how to use course templates to get your online program launched quickly and well. 

Check out our newest course template: Stress Less for a Healthier You, free for Practice Better customers Just use the code PBSTRESSPROGRAM to add it to your account.

Not sure how to use a code to add templates to your account? instructions are included at the end of this post.

Harness the power of passive income

Passive income is a term used frequently in online business circles. It basically means you get to make money without trading your hours for cash.

While passive income sources can take some time to set up, they keep generating revenue for you after that initial setup is done. Courses allow you to help many more people at once, which creates more efficiency for your practice in many ways.

Diversify your income with online courses 

There are many ways to make passive income as a wellness practitioner, with digital goods and online courses being the most popular. Delivering healthcare from one to many in the form of courses is gaining popularity and scientific evidence to back up its efficacy. 

When you have income from multiple sources, even if your practice has a slow month, you still have some money coming in. Having additional streams of income in your practice helps reduce stress and burnout, so you can build a business on your own terms. 

Personalize online course templates to launch faster

If you want to create an online course for passive income, you don’t need to start from scratch. Pre-designed online course templates can help you avoid the head-scratching and analysis paralysis that often comes from starting from a blank page.

Just find a template that works for your needs and add all the things that your clients love best about you and your work: your tone of voice, style, and clinical recommendations. You can also change the visuals in your template to better suit your current and prospective clients. Working on a weight loss program for men? You can adapt a program initially geared to a general audience and swap any imagery to reflect your clients. 

An online course template for a 3 Day Smoothie Challenge loaded into Practice Better as a program.
An online course template loaded into Practice Better as a program. Modules can be added or subtracted to suit your needs.

How to choose an online course template

Using an online course template for your first or next program is just good business sense. You use templates in other areas of your business, like forms and chart notes. You use the same PDF handouts you may have borrowed from another colleague (with proper attribution, of course). 

The same idea applies here. Just ask the following questions when choosing a done-for-you course or program to launch:

  1. Did a health and wellness professional create it? Is the course creator a trusted source?
  2. Is the content relevant to your clients and the focus of your practice?
  3. Is it customizable? Can you add your nutrition plans, PDFs, or videos? 
  4. How easy is it to implement? Can you load it quickly into your software, tweak it, and launch it, or will it cause more headaches and data entry? 
  5. Is it compliant? Depending on your regulations, you may have to adjust the content to ensure your course meets the requirements of your legislation. 

If the template is right for you, it’s a great starting point for your personalized course. 

An example of content in a program in Practice Better. Customize the content, words, graphics and files to suit your style and needs.

Start with a free online course template

The “Stress Less for a Healthier You” program is a 21-day program that you can customize and launch with confidence. It includes four modules that walk clients through how to manage stress with nutrition and lifestyle interventions from the dietitians and wellness experts at Practice Better and That Clean Life.

Just upload it into your account, add your own styles and files, graphics and media, and launch it as a lead magnet or source of regular income.

It’s free to use with Practice Better account on a Pro plan or higher with the code PBSTRESSPROGRAM

That Clean Life customers, import the accompanying meal plan in That Clean Life before adding the program template.

If you’re on a Sprout or Starter plan, you can upgrade your plan to use programs in your practice or download a free PDF of the meal plans featured in the program.

Adding and customizing your online course template

Adding a done-for-you program from a template is easy in Practice Better. 

Here’s how:

  1. Choose “Create from template” from the red Fast Action button in the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  2. Enter the code.
  3. Decide on which type of program you want to create: fixed-date, evergreen, or self-paced.
  4. Download the modules, customize, and go!

People want to work with you, not your program, so remember to edit the contents of the program to give it a bit of your special sauce.

And the templates don’t stop there. Get a head start with templates for the program banner and module page breaks that you can customize and replace in your program.

Start by offering the course to your existing clients or email list; you know they already know, like, and trust you. Collect feedback, see what they think, and launch it to a broader audience.  

Get started and refine the course as you go

In the tech industry, software developers create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), or the least amount of product needed to solve the core user need. Tech companies publish that MVP as fast as possible and get customer feedback to keep improving and adding needed features. This method allows us to work quickly, build a loyal fanbase, and profit.

You can do the same with an online course template. Upload the template, get feedback, improve it, and delight your current and future clients.

Here’s a demo of how you can personalize the Stress Less for a Healthier You course template to suit your practice.

Work smarter and earn more

Embracing premade course templates is a smart business move. You can launch quickly, insulate your business against slow periods, and grow your practice on your terms. 

The Stress Less for a Healthier You program is just one way to get started quickly with less stress for you (and your clients!). Use the code PBSTRESSPROGRAM in your Practice Better account to upload and use this free, done-for-you program in Practice Better.

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