Recurring Forms and Tasks

November 25, 2021

With Practice Better’s Recurring Forms and Tasks, you can save time by automating your routine duties. Our recurring forms allow you to stay on top of any changes your clients may be experiencing while giving them the option to reflect on the recommendations you provided. Recurring tasks allow you to easily set multiple reminders and goals for clients to accomplish to motivate them and keep them accountable. These two can work hand-in-hand to help you keep an eye on clients and keep them engaged.

With the automations to send recurring forms and set recurring tasks, you can focus on what really matters and not worry about manually sending forms or creating tasks. The recurring tasks and forms can ensure that you are keeping a high level of care for each client to get the best outcomes and results.

With recurring forms, you can set how often you would like them to be sent and choose the day and time of the week you would like them to be sent out. You have the option to set an end date to coincide with sessions or a package that a client signed up for. The recurring forms will give you the ability to keep track of and in touch with your clients to ensure that they are staying consistent.

Choose how often you would like recurring forms to be sent.

If you wish to track symptoms or have regular check-ins, a recurring form can be sent to gauge how a client is progressing and get any feedback. This can help in determining the next steps and guiding your recommendations based on the response. Recurring forms also allow your client to regularly reflect on how they are feeling and ensure that you are receiving the most up-to-date information. 

The end date option also allows you to ensure the forms don’t get sent once clients are finished with a program or package.

If you are running a membership you can send out monthly recurring feedback forms to touch base with the clients. This allows you to gain feedback on membership experience so that you can continue to iterate and update their membership content to better support your members. Having this automated is beneficial because it allows you to get regular insight from clients that you may not be seeing very often.

To learn more about recurring forms, click here.

Recurring tasks can also be set for yourself or other team members. This can aid in checking in with former clients or prospects to nurture and maintain those relationships. You can even set up a recurring task to remind yourself to ensure that you’re not forgetting to complete any notes or send any documents at the end of each day. 

Choose who you would like to create tasks for.

The recurring tasks can be used in conjunction with Broadcasts to easily send a message to multiple clients at once. These could be clients who have just finished a program or who haven’t booked a session with you in some time.

You check out last month’s feature highlight on Broadcast messages here

With recurring tasks, you can set weekly goals and challenges for your clients to keep them engaged and coming back to the platform. This is a great option to keep track of to-do items so you can make sure they provide you with the information you need to help them stay on track. The tasks allow clients to add a note, attachments, and the option to mark the tasks as complete so that they can feel like they are getting closer to their goals.

The recurring tasks also allow you to send a notification and even reminders to complete the task. This can help to ensure clients know as soon as they are assigned a task and remember to complete them. 

Customize how you would like the tasks to recur.

To learn more about recurring tasks, click here.

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