How Automations Saved Certified Health Coach from Hiring Administrative Assistant

January 26, 2024

Matt Hoffman is a seasoned physical therapist and certified health coach with over 12 years of experience, and he sat down with us to share how working with Practice Better’s automation has allowed him to streamline administrative tasks and grow his business.

Two businesses and a heavy administrative workload

After realizing that physio alone couldn’t address many of his clients’ issues, Matt became a Certified Health Coach and Integrative Health Practitioner. Seeking to expand into the wellness and health coaching world with an integrative and functional medicine approach, Matt established Move Well Wellness as an extension of his rehabilitation company, Move Well Rehab Services.

Running Move Well Rehab Services and Move Well Wellness meant Matt could offer his clients more holistic care; however, Matt was concerned about the administrative workload that came with running two companies.

Looking for an administrative solution

When looking for a software solution to streamline administrative tasks and ease the burden, Matt wanted a simple, stress-free way to onboard clients, handle consent forms, complete payments, and schedule programs. Automating these tasks was key to saving precious admin time.

Matt needed to streamline as much as possible so this second business didn’t take away any time from his family; he wanted to keep things simple for his clients and for himself.

The solution: Practice Better

Matt explored various platforms for wellness practice management but discovered the perfect solution with Practice Better. It had the administrative features he had been searching for, including client onboarding, consent forms, payments, and scheduling. Matt also loved that Practice Better had group program functionalities to help him scale.

Generating revenue with group programs

Matt is currently running his first group program, “Quarterly Detox,” through Practice Better, which he offers as a 7, 14, or 21-day functional medicine detox program. He finds the ability to schedule content within programs indispensable. Matt’s overarching business goal is to onboard at least one new wellness client each month, with the potential for retention through subsequent detox group programs.

Matt has also structured a three-month health coaching package, billed monthly, complete with assessments and follow-ups, all managed through Practice Better. After completing the program, some clients have expressed interest in formal health coaching, creating a gateway to generate more recurring customers.

Practice Better is not just a tool that helps Matt; it has become a strategic partner in growing his client base and establishing a steady stream of recurring revenue.

Fewer administrative tasks mean more opportunities to grow

Looking ahead, Matt’s growth plan involves working with Practice Better to run the business efficiently so he can focus on growth through referrals, client retention, and running group programs. With Practice Better as his ‘virtual assistant sidekick’, Matt can support his clients from conventional physical therapy to a more comprehensive wellness approach while creating a tight-knit wellness community. The journey has just begun for Matt, and Practice Better is a key ally in his growth.

To learn more about Matt and his practice, visit his website.

Practice Better is the complete practice management platform for nutritionists, dietitians, and wellness professionals. Streamline your practice and begin your 14-day free trial today.

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