Practitioner Spotlight: Gayatri Saldivar MS, RDN, Transforming Health through Functional Medicine

October 18, 2023

In our latest customer spotlight, we had the pleasure of speaking with Gayatri Saldivar, a functional medicine dietician and the owner of 23 Nutrition Therapy based in sunny California. With a passion for inspiring clients to achieve optimal health, Gayatri integrates the latest science in nutritional genomics, functional medicine, and GI nutrition into her practice.

Gayatri’s journey with the Kalish Institute and Practice Better

Gayatri’s journey in functional medicine pivoted in 2020 when she trained under the mentorship of Dr. Dan Kalish via the Kalish Institute. This training equipped Gayatri with the tools and resources to address various client concerns, including brain fog, fatigue, anxiety, and GI symptoms.

Practice Better played a crucial role in Gayatri’s business journey. Back in 2017, she and a colleague chose Practice Better as the platform to launch their coaching program for a wellness company. Impressed by the platform’s robust features and seamless user experience, Gayatri continued to use Practice Better in her own health and nutrition practice.

Using programs to organize and support personalized client care

One of the standout features for Gayatri is Practice Better’s program functionality. She created a signature program called the Gut Hormone Detox Root Cause Master Program, which complements the functional lab testing she conducts. By organizing educational modules, videos, slides, and handouts within Practice Better, Gayatri is able to provide a comprehensive and personalized experience for her clients.

Attracting and retaining clients with Practice Better

Practice Better also helps Gayatri attract and retain clients. With the ability to automate appointment bookings and collect payments, Practice Better streamlines the client onboarding process. The platform’s comprehensive health record and note-taking capabilities allow Gayatri to provide high-quality care and keep her clients engaged throughout their journey.

The future for Gayatri: starting a mentorship program

Looking forward, Gayatri is excited to launch a new mentorship called the Functional Clinic Immersion Mentorship. This program aims to provide dietitians with an invaluable hands-on experience in functional nutrition. Participants will have access to Gayatri’s signature program and her tools and resources, helping them kickstart their own successful nutrition practices.

Gayatri’s success story is a testament to the power of functional medicine and the role Practice Better plays in supporting practitioners. With a passion for continuous learning and a commitment to providing personalized care, Gayatri is transforming lives and helping clients achieve lasting health and wellness.

To learn more about Gayatri and her practice, visit her website.

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