Note Templates for Busy Wellness Professionals

October 26, 2023

Updated October 26, 2023

Documenting notes for your sessions is a must, and with Practice Better Note Templates, taking notes couldn’t be easier.

All Practice Better plans include note templates to streamline how you document client sessions in a fraction of the time. We wanted to highlight our Note Templates to ensure you’re not overlooking one of our most-loved features!

Use Note Templates to create efficient systems

You likely want to spend less time charting and more time with clients and patients, so SOAP note templates, for example, can benefit you in various ways:

  1. Time Efficiency: Templates streamline the note-taking process, saving professionals valuable time. They don’t have to start from scratch with each patient or client.
  2. Consistency: Templates ensure that all essential information is captured consistently in every note. This consistency is crucial for maintaining accurate records and adhering to industry standards.
  3. Accuracy: Using templates can reduce the risk of errors and omissions in notes, which is critical in healthcare and wellness to provide safe and effective care.
  4. Structured Information: Note templates often include predefined sections for different aspects of a patient’s or client’s history, making organizing and accessing information easier.
  5. Improved Communication: Clear and organized notes are easier to share with other healthcare professionals or for referrals, promoting effective communication and collaboration.
  6. Better Patient/Client Experience: Using templates frees more time for professionals to focus on patient or client care rather than paperwork, potentially leading to a better overall experience for those they serve.

How will Note Templates save you time?

Using note templates as part of your practice will help structure your note-taking process, making it more efficient and organized. We’ve also included a robust text editor to assist in organizing different sections of your notes and making them more visually appealing for yourself and your clients if you’ll be sharing parts of your notes. More on this in a bit.

How to use Practice Better’s Note Templates in your wellness practice

If you want a detailed video tutorial on using Note Templates in your practice, check out this three-part video series that will teach you how to add, edit, use, and share your notes for fast and easy charting.

Here’s the first video in the tutorial:

Working with Note Templates in Practice Better

Practice Better provides you with pre-built templates that you can use ‘as is’ or edit and the option to create your own custom note templates. Check our initial consultation and follow-up session templates and SOAP, ADIME, and GROW note templates.

Note templates including SOAP notes template in Practice Better

Sharing your Note Template with your clients

A unique feature of the note templates is the ability to add multiple text sections. This allows you to keep sections of your notes private while sharing only specific sections with clients.

For example, if you’re using a SOAP note template, you may want to keep the subjective, objective, and assessment sections private and share only the plan section with your client so they can reference it in the future. You can easily set this as a default in your SOAP note template so the plan section is always shared when you create a note from that template.

Example of a Plan template for SOAP notes in Practice Better

Formatting and automating your Note Templates in Practice Better

These text sections have rich formatting options, including images, videos, links, tables, lists, and even text snippets to save you from repeatedly re-treating the same information.

The information in a Client Record can be automatically pulled into your notes using placeholders in your note templates. This reduces redundant charting and helps maintain the client data’s accuracy.

Using Placeholder text from the client's file in Practice Better allows for automated charting.

An example of placeholder text in Practice Better's Note Templates.

Once you’ve created your template, creating notes for client sessions will be a breeze — giving you the confidence and the guidance you need to nail every consultation.

Learn more about creating and using Practice Better Note Templates to make note-taking and organizing quick and easy!

Practice Better is the complete practice management platform for nutritionists, dietitians, and wellness professionals.

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